WOLKE 7 (Cloud 9)

Teamwork: Amrei Andrasch, Elisabeth Pichler & Paula Trimbur
Somewhere Somehow Arts & Music-Festival
Spreestudios Berlin

An old abandoned office block is transformed into a love hotel during one weekend - 14 rooms - one of them all covered with cream-colored silk, filled with cushions, cotton balls and comfort - Wolke 7.

"Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein" (english Version "Over the Mountains (litterally: Clouds) freedom's moore than a word in the wind") is a pop song from 1974 of Reinhardt May, a german schlager star. It is a musical interpretation of our longing to reach freedom and leave behind earthly sorrows and troubles.

Wolke 7 materializes this dream within a "love hotel" - a place that we "sexually liberated" can face with irony and ease.

Material: 40m2 Room, 11 matresses, 17 cushions, 25m silk and 7 lace curtains

Photography © Caroline Scharff