"I look inside myself. Only sometimes. Everything all good all the time…seems like. How do I know I am happy? How are you? I am fine – An automatic answer. Meaningless. Always functioning. Not enough time for deep talk. Not enough courage? Only a few persons around who can trigger the right button. I´m exhausted. Am i afraid? Confused. Like in a carrousel. Spinning around. Eyes wide open. Looking for-what."

Material: Paper+Plexyglass+Thoughts


The My Paper Sunglasses project came to Berlin for its fifth installment after four acclaimed exhibitions across South America.
Creative director Otavio Santiago invited artists from his current home in Berlin along with those from his former home in Brazil to express their artistic perspective on cutout paper sunglasses offering a glimpse into the unique identities of these artists while seriously complicating the boundaries between art, portraiture and fashion.

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